RNS Vacation Rental Management Software

The RNS program was created from the back-end front, ensuring complete functionality and quality. Below is a list of notable RNS Accounting Features

  • Daily deposit recording and automatic posting to checking account
  • QuickBooks™ like Check Register with all related functions
  • Easy Checkbook Reconciliation
  • Separate financial & reservation groups
  • Unlimited number of checking accounts, including simple reconciliation feature
  • Credit card authorization module for quick approval while posting payment
  • Automated procedure for checks paid to guest for cancellation, refund and security deposits
  • Unlimited number of security deposit types
  • Month End process by checking account.
  • Owner statement routine, including printing past statements and e-mailing of statements
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in lieu of owner checks for paperless office
  • Multiple owners allowed per unit, splitting owner statements, checks, and 1099s
  • GL Activity, both daily and period to date.
  • Account balance summary report for end of period balancing of escrow accounts
  • Strong work order module for streamlining the vendor repairs to owner/unit accounts
  • Markup™s on Work Orders for management company revenue
  • Track and pay commissions to agents
  • Rental cash flow projections
  • All processing can be performed by individual checking account.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer ability directly into Owners bank account
  • Income Items the option to create payable to disburse upon payment
  • Unlimited number of different Security Deposit types
  • Security Deposits paid by credit card can be refunded by check
  • Ability to have multiple Owners for one unit and disburse income to each
  • Import owner charges from Excel spreadsheet

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