RNS Accounting Features keep coming!

QuickBooks like Check Register
  • Maximum number of accounts
  • Simple On-line checkbook reconciliation
Credit Cards
  • Credit card fee charged to the owner, or
  • Credit card fee charged to the Mgmt. company, or split
Other Reports
Ability to export all reports to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML, RPT ASCII & more
  • Account reconciliation
  • G/L activity, Daily
  • G/L activity, Daily and PTD
  • Completed delinquent Guest accounts
  • Rental Cash Flow Commissions
  • Reservation Deposits
  • Paid and Unpaid Rental Commissions
  • Security Deposit report showing four separate user defined accounts
  • S.D. Transfers to pay outstanding charges
  • Year end procedures
  • Printing of 1099’s and 1042’s for anyone receiving income
  • Magnetic media copy (required if you report more than 250 1099’s)
  • Can run End Of Period by separate checking
Reporting Features
  • Use different printer on each workstation
  • Separate printer defined for:
    • Reports
    • Statements
    • Labels
    • Print screens
    • Checks
    • Receipts
    • 1099’s & 1042’s