Application Hosting Services (“Cloud” access to your RNS software)

  • Access your RNS software from ANYWHERE through the internet.
  • Use your PC, Laptop or Mac, or even your Tablet to access your software.
  • New: Disaster recovery and temporary local access to your software (Replication Services).
  • All updates and backups are done for you.
  • No need to maintain a local server environment for RNS.
  • No need to maintain a Web Administration Computer to update at your location.
  • To get more information on RNS Cloud Computing CLICK HERE

Local Installation

  •  Keep your software and data local, on your own server the good old-fashioned way
  • RNS has the baility to run it’s program with a MS SQL Express or fully licensed database engine
  • For more information regarding the hardware requirements – Contact Us

Data Replication (Combines Cloud and Local Installation)

  • Have all the benefits of “cloud” computing AND keep a “live” up-to-date copy of your data locally on your servers
  • With RNS’ Open Data Files, you can use your actual data for Expanded Reporting and/or other data-feed application requiring the use of your current information