Posted on May 6, 2018

Google’s Mobile Algorithm vs Your Vacation Rental Website

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Google’s new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm launched April 21, 2015. Meaning: your vacation rental website will now be partially ranked by how well your website pages can be navigated and read on mobile devices.This is your website’s “mobile-friendliness”.

The algorithm is quite simple, your website pages are either mobile friendly or they are not. No partial points you are in or you are out. The algorithm ranks on a page by page basis.

How can you find out if your website pages are up to Google’s standard of Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly distintionThe easiest way to find out if your website pages are up to Google’s Mobile Friendly standards by google searching your site on a mobile device and seeing if your site results come back with the label like the one to the right.

On the slim chance you don’t have your mobile device nearby for search purposes (come on man), you can utilize Google’s Mobile Friendly Tester. A nifty tool that lets you paste in page urls, Google combs the site and comes back with a pass or fail response.


What makes a website mobile friendly?

Using a font size that is readable without zooming. Making sure your tap targets/links are large and spread out enough to be pressed without error. Size content to the screen size so the viewer is not scrolling horizontally or having to zoom in or out. And avoiding using software like Flash that is not widely recognized by mobile devices.

How can you get your vacation rental website passing Google’s Mobile Friendly test?

The good news is that you have a couple options on how to get your site mobile ready. The bad news unless you are able to code, you will have to spend some $$ to get the results Google is looking for.

Option 1. Hire a web designer to create either an entirely new responsive website or a mobile version of your site (usually accessed via a

There are plenty of website companies capable of doing this but I would suggest going to a company familiar with the vacation rental industry. They already have all the technology to connect to your Management Software and know the ins and outs of multiple rental pages, bookings and checkouts. The following website companies already have APIs that connect directly to the RNS Vacation Rental Software



Blue tent



Option 2. Start using RNS Mobile Pages. RNS’ quick and easy mobile optimized sites are designed with user friendly interfaces that promote fast and easy bookings. Your company is given all the tools and technologies necessary to capitalize on this current mobile market and pass all of Google’s Mobile Friendly parameters.

    • Optimized Mobile Recognition
    • Simplified User Interface
    • Full Search capability
    Mobile Optimized Rental Photos

    • One-Click Call Now Options
    • Mobile Contact Forms
    • Fast Loading Pages
    Easy Booking Process

Vacation Rental Mobile Site
Vacation Rental Mobile Site
RNS Mobile Rental Page

To learn more about RNS mobile pages <span= “font-size:20px”>CLICK HERE

Check out these resources to better understand the method to Google’s Mobile Madness. Don’t lose prospective guests or SEO ranking because your vacation rental website isn’t mobile ready. An easy fix is just a couple clicks away.