Posted on October 31, 2014

It’s Halloween, So We Wrote a Blog
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Two great events combined into one day! How did we get so lucky? As 3:30pm strolls around, I’m pretty sure the working world is feeling like the day could last forever. We sit at our computers counting down the minutes before we can all let lose, dress up and share company with friends.

So I have decided to write a blog. Not about vacation rentals, or software, or even a blog with many words. But rather a blog about Halloween and the cute funny costumes we wish we could recreate for ourselves, our kids and even our pets.

We all have been there, 6:30pm on Halloween with half a costume, fabric everywhere, glitter in the carpet, kids crying and superglue in your hair. Shoot, I wouldn’t hesitate to say 30% of the people that might read this blog will be going back home to a situation quite close to that.

So, not to waste anymore time on the inevitable, here is a collection of wonderfully creative costumes that the average Joe is never going to recreate. Sorry…not

Frankly, I’m not convinced this is a real person at all.


If all the hobos were actually this cute, they would all be rich.

hobo babies

I can’t even keep a chia pet alive, let alone make this costume.

chia pet dog

A Lego you won’t actually step on in the middle of the night.


Dobby has never looked so kissable.


Turtle or Dog? I’m not sure.


Still not sure some of these are living breathing people.


The picture says it all.


Dogs of the future, finally no need for a swiffer.


Just let it sink in, must of us can’t get one costume to look good, let alone a family of 7 winning the costume contest.


Happy Trick or Treating and Costume Completing

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