Your Complete Resort Management System

RNS Timeshare Software Features give Property managers all the features they need to efficiently manage their resort properties, keep owners happy, and the back office running smoothly.

Timeshare-Workorders-Icon Maintenance & Housekeeping

Automate department tasks that help keep employees on schedule and hassle free. Handle annual maintenance fee and billings, create work-orders, arrange cleaning schedules and so much more is streamlined with your RNS timeshare software. Check out how RNS’ Maintenance and Housekeeping can help you manage smarter. RNS’ automated features allow your maintenance and housekeeping departments to easily keep on schedule and stay hassle free.

    Annual Maintenance Fees Setup and Billing

      Setup and invoice Annual Maintenance Fees efficiently and easily. Add automatic late fees and or finance charges to any AMF.

    Add Automatic Late Fee and Finance Charges to AMFs

    Track Cleanings and Inspections

    Assign Works Orders and Pay Vendors

    Color-Coded Housekeeping Scheduling

    Store Vendor Records and Contact Info

    Create Recurring Invoices


Timeshare-OwnerServices-IconOwner Services

Easily handle all types of timeshare ownership. All owners are not created equal, RNS gives you all the tools to keep even the pickiest of owners satisfied.

    Manage Fractional, Fixed, and Float Week Ownership

    Internal and External Week Exchange Functions

    Automatic Exchange Fees, List Pending Exchanges and View Exchange History

    Maintain Owner Contractual Details

    Preform Annual Maintenance Billing and Reporting

    Create specific Rules and Restrictions

    Online Rental Terms and Agreement Electronic Approval Capability

    Online Payment Services

    Owner CRM with Online Owner Services Web Portal and Email Automation

    Easily Manage and Send Owner Statements

    Security Deposits with 4 user defined SD Accounts

    Set Unlimited Number of Rate Tables ( travel agent rate, published rate etc.)


RNS Timeshare AccountingTrust Accounting

The RNS program was created from the back-end front, ensuring Timeshare Managers a complete accounting software with the functionality and quality bookkeeping needs. Easily complete the transactions your Timeshare Management Company faces every day.

    Full Trust Accounting System

    Modify Tax Codes

    Search Past Data History

    Use an Unlimited Number of Checkbooks

    Online Checkbook Reconciliation

    Credit Card and E-check Processing

    Choose which party to charge CC fees to: Owner, Mgmt Company, or Split

    View MORE RNS Accounting Features


RNS Timeshare Reservation SoftwareRental Reservations

When you have unsold properties or owners asking to rent out their weeks, you need a management software to that can take care of the front desk. Let RNS help you manage vacation rental units, website reservation pages, exchange programs, syncing to third party rental sites (HomeAway) and much more. Go into more feature detail by reviewing the RNS reservation tools below.

    Online Web Reservations and Property Listings

    Color Coded Reservation Calendar with 6 year display

    Drag and Drop Reservations right on your timeshare calendar

    View Unlimited unit Statistics while checking availability

    Guest Tracking/Stay History

    Rental Rate Management with Automatic Fee Calculations

    Easily Add Additional Charges per number of people in party

    Guest CRM with Online Payment Services

    Coupon Code and Discount options apply automatically

    Email Automation, Rental Agreements, and Document Generation

    Optional Integrated Trip Insurance and Damage Waiver Insurance

    One Step Guest Cancellation Process that clears reservation board and issues a refund upon cancellation


Timeshare-Management-IconMore Resort Management Tools

The world of Timeshare management doesn’t always fall under cut clear headers. The following features are for all those times when “you wished you had that”.

    Four separate Sales Tax levels that compute automatically

    Over 300+ Management Report combinations

    Transfer Security Deposits to pay outstanding charges

    Split Checking accounts for Resort and Annual Maintenance Fees account’s are the same

    Unlimited User defined headings throughout the software

    Set up automatic commissions per reservation


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