Posted on April 13, 2015

The VRMA – Portland, Oregon & Hipsters

What do the VRMA, Portland, Oregon and hipsters have in common? Plain flat out Awesomeness, that’s what. Ask a hipster he would know. There is also the fact that all 3 will be colliding at the Western Regional VRMA conference, April 13 & 14, held at the Portland Marriott Downtown Riverfront in Portland, Oregon!

VRMA Member In honor of such a great event in such a great city we decided to dedicate this blog post to the ever so quirky Portland. Because really what is a vacation rental without the beautifully unique cities they reside in.

Portland, Oregon is one of the most stereotyped cities in America (It’s full of hipsters, arts & crafts, coffee, hipsters, craft beer, tree-huggers, hipsters, hipsters; you get the picture). So we thought we would have a little fun and see how true those perceptions really are. We love you Portland ❤

Portland, Oregon

1. Hipsters Everywhere.

Hipster is a type of counter culture who creates “cool” before society deems it “cool” and ergo is “not cool” anymore. (Those sneaky hipsters always keeping us “average people” on our toes..) This type of fringe culture started migrating west in the 60’s (think LA, Berkley, San Fran). Portland was just the next northward progression to accommodate the free spirited. And so when you walk down the streets of Portland today, a plethora of beards, deep v-necks, crop tops and suspenders flood the streets and record stores alike. And it is because of these folk that the city is and will remain so exciting and ever changing. So Hip on Hipsters. We Beard You. TRUE.


2. Portlandians Love Craft Beer.

Oregon makes up 36.69% of all US craft beer sales, the highest of all states. There are 220 breweries in Oregon and almost half of those (83) are located in Portland. I think we can cheers and drink a growler (64 ounces of hoppy goodness) to this as TRUE.

craft beer

3. All of Portland is Vegan.

Yes, Portland has more vegetarian restaurants than any other city in the US. And Yes, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has ranked Portland as the most veg friendly city in America. But considering only 3.2% of America is Vegetarian and Portland’s most renowned restaurants are Le Pigeon and Toro, whose names have a type of meat in the title and are known for their foie gras, squab and oxtail dishes. It seems to me that Portland is home to a couple more carnivores than they are given credit for, fancy ones too (squab, really?) FALSE.


4. Tree-Hugging, Bike-Riding, Dog-Loving Enthusiasts

I love this stereotype. If more cities had this mentality, our world and human population would be a lot better off. Portlandians love the outdoors its TRUE.

  • They like to keep it clean.Portland has a 75% recycle rate which ranks them 3rd best recycling city in America.
  • They want to make it green. For the past ten years Portland has continually reduced its carbon footprint. It’s one of the most bike friendly cities in the US and has award winning public transportation.
  • They use sunscreen Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, kayaking, or a simple walk with the dog, this city can accommodate any outdoor activity better than most cities can accommodate one. With specialty stores, excursion companies and pet friendly businesses everywhere, Portland is heaven for any outdoor enthusiast.


5. Hipsters Everywhere Still.

TRUE. Making life a little quirkier every day. Next time you eat a corn dog, order that unicorn coffee cup off Etsy or decide to get that arrow tattoo on your wrist that you have always wanted (well at least yesterday you did) you can thank the wonderfully creative individuals of Portland for bringing all those mainstream. Hipsters will respond with as much disinterestedness and aloofness they can muster out of those bearded mugs.

either a unicorn or portlandian
(You know what they say, “if you can’t be a unicorn, be a Portlandian”)

Thank You Portland for hosting the Vacation Rental Industry this week. Stay “cool”.