Posted on January 14, 2015

Winter Vacation Fails

Bring on the Winter! Daily life still trudges on no matter the weather. But when the average human is ready for their eagerly anticipated winter vacation(s) more serious decisions must be made.

Go tropical to the beach, drink pina coladas and get a tan…


Head north to the mountains, hit the slopes and make snowmen…

Wherever this winter takes you, be smart: stay in a vacation rental. Also learn from these winter vacation fails, in essence just use your common sense.


Going South?

Before you board the plane, check your car windows.



In the south, snowmen are just people in costumes.

punch snowman


Watch out for sea creatures



This is real life. Embrace it!



Wear sunscreen. Please.

wear sunscreen


Because how cute is that puppy on the beach!

puppy beach


Going North?

Leave the convertible down south.

snow convertible


This is not acceptable winter wear. EVER.

Bad Fashion


What did he think was going to happen?



Warning southerners: this is a scam.



Hertz Rental is not going to be happy

soda explosion


But how cute is that puppy covered in snow!