Posted on July 4, 2013

4th of July Celebrations, Fireworks, and Property Management
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4th of july image


It is America’s Holiday! The 4th of July is big business in the USA. We travel, we eat, we drink and we light explosives. For Vacation Rental Property Managers the 4th of July is a Love/Hate Relationship.

The Love:


  • Units are Booked
  • Profits are Up
  • The Mood is Happy (most of the time)
  • A Day Off, maybe

The Hate:

Scribble Hate

  • The Parties
  • Noise Complaints
  • Drunk Renters
  • Drunk Renters with Explosives

Property Management Solutions

  • Make sure your Renter Agreement is spot on. Covering everything that might be at risk for a firework debacle.
  • Be Strict. Once you receive your first noise complaint, confront your renters and state that once is a warning, two is a charge, and three is enough.
  • Charge appropriately. When its all said and done and the renters are gone, assess the damages, make a checklist and charge as necessary.
  • Clean and Do it all over again. Call in your house cleaning, and prepare for another load of renters.
  • Tip: Vacation Property Management Software makes the hectic times seem manageable. When it all starts to go down hill, your management program will have the answers neatly organized for you.

EnjoyYour Work

Vacation Property Management is a rewarding profession. You have to deal with the stresses like any job, but in the end you get to be a part of memorable moments in your renter/vacationers life. Embrace those moments and make them the best they can be with RNS Vacation Rental Software. Click here to learn more

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