Posted on August 2, 2018

5 Free Marketing Websites Your Vacation Rental Company Needs To Be On
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5 of the most essential websites your Vacation Rental Company needs to be on.

These sites are search engine applicable, location segmented and review driven. Oh and it’s FREE so Vacation Rental Managers have no excuse not to take the time to give your company the online visibility (make an intern do it!).

1. Google Places

Google Places for Vacation Rentals

Google the #1 search engine in the world. Sign up Here.

2. Bing Places

Bing the #2 search engine in the world. Sign up Here.

3. Yahoo! Local

Yahoo! the #3 search engine in the world. Sign Up Here

How it Works:
These first three work in the same way. An internet user searching for their next vacation uses a search engine and inputs “Miami Vacation Rentals”. Under the paid advertisements each search engine will have its local places listed. A Map is shown pinpointing each company with a Google, Bing, or Yahoo! company profile, depending on which search engine is used. Company Address, website, pictures, descriptions and reviews are all categories on your Listing Profile. This Profile is ranked and listed on a scale the search engine’s algorithms make by using your websites SEO, reviews, and inbound/outbound links. (Home Away – Trip Advisor – FlipKey or any of the sorts will not be listed here!)

4. YelpYelp

Top directory review websites today. Sign Up Here

How it Works:
Yelp is all about the reviews. People might search a location and industry first, but they are coming to Yelp to read the reviews. It is also very popular in the mobile community with a very user friendly app. It takes seconds to make a profile in Yelp. You just need to make sure reviews are kept high, dealing with bad reviews immediately.


5. Forums

Pages where thousands of searchers need industry answers.

How it Works:
So this isn’t just one webpage, but Forums could be a valuable source for website traffic flow if done correctly. Travelers are always asking the internet world what’s the best place to stay in “Miami”
These websites provide an easy and free way to promote your company online. Also if you keep these listings updated with fresh content and reviews, prospective guests are much more willing to take a chance and explore to your website.

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