Access Your Software from Anywhere at Anytime

Mobile Work Orders & Housekeeping

Work Orders and Housekeeping with RNS. Mobile ready time saving management tools. Start, manage, close, and pay work orders & housekeeping tasks easily. Use on the go with your mobile device.

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rns mobile work orders

Responsive Website Templates

Our Responsive websites are optimized for any internet ready device. From desktop to mobile phone, laptop to tablet; Guests are able to navigate through the entire booking process with ease.

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rns responsive websites

Owner Services

RNS owner service pages are built with a responsive framework, allowing for accessibility on any internet ready device. Owners can view important information regarding their vacation rental units as well as make reservations of their own whenever they want. Owners access this information through a secure log-in portal located right on your website.

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rns owner services

Guest Portal & Services

The RNS Guest Portal provides your guests with convenient online tools that help enhance overall guest experience. Accessible and optimized for any device. Guests are able to sign their terms and agreements, make partial or whole payments online and view reservation info. Great for group rentals!

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rns guest portal


With an RNS Cloud connection you can access your database from any computer, tablet or cell phone. Work never seems to halt when you’re a property manager; RNS gives you the capability to work whenever and wherever the situation arises. Data is safe, protected and backed up twice a day. There is no need for any additional equipment. Stay connected anywhere with the Internet. Don’t let work bring you down, take it on the go with RNS software.  For other Installation Options available Click Here


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RNS Cloud Computing Features

World Class Data Center

RNS utilizes a state-of-the-art Data Center ensuring your business the highest levels of network performance, reliability and security.


RNS proactively monitors your data housed on our servers. Our experienced engineers will immediately work to resolve any issues discovered to ensure business continuity.

Backup and Recovery

You no longer have to remember to back up your data, RNS does it for you, twice a day!   We provide daily backups, hardware redundancy and fail-over systems, and redundant power supplies.

New: Disaster Recovery and Temporary Local Access

RNS has introduced Data Replication Services to its successful line of add-ons.  If Application Hosting is right for you but you must have a local copy of the software on your servers as well, Data Replication is the answer.  Now you can run a local copy of the software if you are disconnected from the internet for any reason.  The local copy of the data and the “cloud” are continually updated when internet connectivity is available.  No other software company offers this fully redundant capability.

Web Administration

When your software is locally hosted on your computer servers you must maintain a Web Administration computer dedicated to transferring RNS information to and from your RNS Web Module.  However, when your software is hosted at the RNS Datacenter all data transfers to and from your web module will now happen in the background without any extra effort.

Application Hosting

As soon as RNS releases an update for your application, it is instantly loaded on to our servers.  This seamless and immediate deployment means you are the first to receive enhancements to your RNS application.