Posted on March 23, 2019

Spotlight – Leighton Rentals
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RNS User Spotlight of the Week: Leighton Rentals

As Spring starts to grace us with her presence and the world begins to warm, winter flight paths take a detour. Rather than vacationers jumping on the next Boeing 777 down to Miami, the likes of our thawed out northern destinations begin to rise as a “hot spot” for travel.

So that is why, on this first day of spring, RNS celebrates our friends in New England, Leighton Rentals. The Vacation Rental Management Company is located on the picturesque peninsula of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


About Leighton Rentals:
Leighton Rentals began its Cape Cod journey in 2003. By providing the highest level of service to its owners and renters, Leighton was able to grow into one of the most successful and renowned rental agencies in the area today.

This special Vacation Rental Company has a way of capturing the true essence of Cape Cod for their vacationing guests and home owners. Through years of experience, local knowledge and full appreciation for the Cape and their guests Leighton is able to deliver an unforgettable vacation package. Owners receive 24 hour service and wide spread marketing campaigns that range from internet search engine presence to 360 degree virtual tours, YouTube postings, public relations, direct mail and print material.


Tip to Vacation Rental Owners:: A good Vacation Rental Agency employs the Industry’s best to manage and market the properties under their care. It allows the property owners a peace of mind knowing an experienced and dedicated staff is doing all in their power to treat your property with the respect it deserves.

Leighton is a company that prides itself on the wonderful staff it employs. From back office to front, it takes the whole team to deliver the results Leighton Rentals is known for. Check out their team here.
Contact: 508-619-7658 or EmailCapeCodLocation

Rental Locations: The Cape Cod peninsula stretches from Provincetown in the northeast to Woods Hole in the southwest. The Cape has 559.6 miles (900.6 km) of coastline, over 60 access beaches and 30+ public golf courses.

It is known for its wonderful maritime character and charm. Some well-known water activities the locals and tourists alike partake in are beach going, sport fishing and whale watching. Cape Cod was actually the birth place of East Coast whale watching. The perfect summer time conditions make this location a must see vacation destination.

RNS Vacation Rental Management Marketing Tip: If your company has a predominately seasonal renting period make sure to budget for an increase of marketing funds before and during that period. A couple good ideas would be emailing previous guests, Facebook Ads, and geographically targeting prospects.


Leighton and RNS: Since becoming a part of the RNS team in 2005 Leighton Rentals have grown into one of the top Rental Agencies in Cape Cod. Some of their favorite features of the RNS software are Paperless leases, online approval of Terms & Conditions, and Auto Inquiry Response capability. RNS software helps property management companies increase efficiency by integrating tech automation to previous time consuming tasks.

We send wishes for good weather and a fully booked season to our friends, Leighton Rentals. Thanks for holding down the Cape and being a glorious RNS User.

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