RNS Auto Inquiry Response helps you manage the responses you get from your Vacation Rental Distribution Marketing.

RNS On-Air (Auto Inquiry Response)

Respond to your Inquiries automatically.

How it works: When an email inquiry comes in from an RNS’ Distribution partner such as Flipkey, Homeaway, RedAwning, or RentalPlaces; RNS On-Air will read the inquiry and send the appropriate, pre-programmed response immediately and automatically. RNS On-Air sends a response email, informing your guest of the units availability and provides a direct path to that unit on your website. The guest can book within minutes of their initial inquiry. With RNS On-Air you’ll never miss another lead due to time management. Its quick, easy and will increase profits!


Respond First

Don’t let your prospective guest rent with your competitor. Your response time matters. 

Auto inquiry Response

Tailored Emails

Respond with the information that directly links back to your booking page. All it takes is one click.

Auto Inquiry Results

Get Results

Earn money and save time when you use Auto Inquiry Response.