About RNS

Rental Network Software or RNS, founded in 1988, develops a feature rich, technology driven Vacation Rental Software for Property Managers around the world. Based in Bradenton, Florida, RNS lives and breathes Vacation Rentals.

Having helped pioneer the Vacation Rental Industry, RNS has the utmost respect for the property managers and vendors that work and help grow this sector of the Travel Industry. It is no surprise, that through RNS’ 30+ years of building and selling top of the line Vacation Rental Software, that this company has lifelong customers, dedicated employees and a software that acts as a property managers third hand. We have it all, because you need it all.

Why it Works

This powerful yet easy to learn program, leads the Vacation Rental Industry in software design with its intuitive approach to rental management. Imagine spending 50% less time managing your rentals using the RNS Vacation Rental Software. The combination of our strongest Microsoft SQL database, integration with all Microsoft applications, cloud based technology and full features designed to automate your rental business, make this vacation rental management system unmatched in the industry today.

No matter if your Vacation Rental Company manages 25 properties or 2,500 properties, RNS Vacation Rental Software can handle it. The program runs with the same precision managing thousands of units or just a couple dozen. RNS’ processing power and array of features combine for a complete vacation rental software system.