Posted on November 22, 2018

Reasons Why You Need a REAL Vacation.
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The need to travel is inside everyone. Vacations are pretty much mandated by the human brain so we can continue to be happy, productive people of society. Why was leisure time ever created? Because WE NEED IT.

But It takes a lot of courage to take off work. Many people save their vacation days in case of emergencies, some think their bosses will get mad, and others are just work-a-holics. But right now, I am here to remind you that vacations days are meant for Vacations… REAL VACATIONS.

Real Vacation are:

  • Truly being able to feel the sunshine
  • Snow becomes a blessing rather a burden
  • Laughing so hard, that you pee your pants
  • Having no sense of time
  • Dreams are Reality

real vacations

This is NOT a REAL Vacation:

  • You Travel to Florida because Great Aunt Helen dies
  • Playing hookie because the child is sick
  • Being Snowed in with a Law & Order Marathon on

not real vacation

That being said all vacations are not created equal and subsequently neither are the results of such time off. Sometimes you can’t help the latter and that’s just life. But life is also about being happy. I truly believe that taking time for yourself in the form of traveling and real vacationing will benefit you, your work, and everyone else your surrounded by as well.

What will you gain from a taking REAL Vacation

  1. Perspective on Life: Getting back to what life is really all about. Asking and answering the most simple questions about our existence.
  2. Limitless Creativity: Worries and agendas are on the back burner, leaving limitless space for new ideas to flow freely.
  3. Increase of appreciation: Being away will make you appreciate just about all aspects of your life – the people you love, the nature that surrounds you, and even your job.
  4. Real Rest: Without the worry of menial Daily routines your mind, body, and soul are able to rest and realign themselves.
  5. Less Regrets: No one says the day the die, “I wish I would of stayed at the office more.” Now is the time to live.
  6. You Time: Live a life true to yourself, and not let others expectations affect your lifestyle. Be you.
  7. Happiness: Like Gandhi said “There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path” A true vacation will help you realize that.

Now I don’t just want you to take my word on it. No, I want you to experience a Real Vacation and it’s benefits.

Good For The Soul

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